Monday, 27 September 2010

China Glaze Mummy May I....swatches and review

I was really excited to get this polish and I was waiting for it quite a long time. It is from China Glaze Halloween collection 2010 is just awful :( Not how it looks but the whole formula :( It made holes, did not applied evenly and drying chunks of polish were around the bottle all the time. I have 2 thicker coats in the picture which were opaque. The second coat made the surface even but the first one was real catastrophe.

Also the surface is quite gritty and even after one thick coat of Seche vite it is not totally smooth. It chipped in two days of wearing and what would you think about the removal? Yes, it was horrible again, like ordinary glitter!

I think I will not use this polish ever again :( Not worth the trouble for me...

Price: 5/5
Formula: 2/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 2/5


  1. Awww, that's too bad. It sucks to look forward to something and have it be a big dud. Maybe you got a bad bottle? I plan on picking this up and hope it's better than this.

  2. I hope it's only my bottle however I don't believe it :( Good luck with yours, colour is quite unique :)

  3. I had a lot of issues with this polish too! Actually, my experience was almost exactly like yours. I was so disappointed because I loved the color.

  4. Katie: yeah, such a shame :( at least it is only this polish and other China Glazes are ok :)

  5. Oh no, this is too bad. I was planning on getting this one but I do not want to be disappointed. Do you know if the other polishes in the collection do this?

  6. i wish it wasn't that gritty. i'd hate it too. the color itself looks pretty though.

  7. Oh, that's a pity :/ But I think that it is not very pretty ;)

  8. Jenny: I haven't tried other polishes from this collection but have a look on some other reviews, their formula might be better.

    Lily Nail: Thank you :)

    Fruity Lashes: Unfortunately it is :( Maybe another topcoat layer would make it smoother..

    sabbatha: haha, good for you ;) I like the colour but it's not worth trouble for me.

  9. škoda škoda.. ten lak je nejkrásnější ( mám malou úchylku na černé laky).. i když.. přes tu aplikaci bych se snad i přenesla :D

  10. Marketka: ta aplikace byla bohuzel fakt otresna, me to odradilo uplne. Pokud se ti ale libi takovyhle, tak jako nahrada (ale dost drazsi) je jeste krasnejsi Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance :)


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