Friday, 19 February 2010

Discontinued Chanel Night Sky :)

This is a real beauty-it really looks like sky with the stars. It is a deep dark blue polish with nice silver glitters. Unfortunately this shade was discontinued as well as its closes dupe Essie Starry Starry Night. The application was ok however the Chanel's brush is not the greatest of all. It took three coats for the full coverage. If it would be a different nail polish, I would send it away but this one is so unique, that it will always have a place in my collection.

Tenhle lak je opravdova krasa-opravdu vypada jako obloha s hvezdami. Je to tmave modra barva se stribrnymi trpytkami. Bohuzel tenhle odstin uz se nevyrabi stejne jako jemu nejvic podobny Essie Starry Starry Night. Aplikace byla celkem v pohode i kdyz Chanelovske stetecky nepatri zrovna k tem nejlepsim. Na plne kryti byly potreba tri vrstvy. Kdyby to byl jiny lak, sel by hned z domu, ale protoze tohle je tak unikatni barvicka, bude mit u me ve sbirce porad sve misto.


  1. It really looks like it's a close dupe of starry starry bad they're both discontinued :/ Anyways, it's a fabulous polish :)

  2. Opravdu krásný lak, mám dotaz jak je to s odlakováváním? Neulpývají na nehtu poté třpytky?

  3. Thank you girls :)

    Day: trpytky trochu ulpivaji,ale neni to nic hroznejo s porovnanim s normalnimi glitrovymi laky. teda aspon tak si to pamatuju, kdyz jsem to odlakovavala :)

  4. I saw Night Sky/ciel de nuit for sale over at

    they also have some discontinued hard to find chanel polishes..omg!!!:)

  5. The prices on is ridiculously insane. You can find rare Chanel nail polishes for the fraction of the price elsewhere. I suggest no one buys nail polish from that website because you are getting ripped off.


    I went to the link and not only do they not sell that color but they blatantly admit that they take photos from bloggers but they don't give credit to the bloggers of the polish they do have. They are even ripping off the bloggers. And you can get Lippmann's that were only released to Barnys New York on that site but at an even higher price then people are selling on Ebay, I would trust Ebay more.

    That site is very fishy, I wouldn't want them to have my name let alone credit card information.


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