Tuesday, 16 February 2010

One for Dayah :) Nfu Oh and Golden Rose

For this Mani I've used Nfu Oh 108 in two coats and one coat of Golden Rose Scale Effect 07. It lasted for unbelievable 6 days!

Pro tuhle manikuru jsem pouzila lak Nfu Oh 108 ve dvou vrstvach a jednu vrstvu Golden Rose Scale Effect 07. Lak mi na nehtech vydrzel neuveritelnych 6 dni v krasnem stavu!


  1. I'm just discovering your blog, it looks really nice :)
    That mani is an awesome combo, and 6 days is incredible! Could you tell us more about that lovely flakies top coat please?

  2. Thank you very much for a lovely comment. I wrote more in older post a bit down. It is Golden Rose Scale Effect. I bought it in Czech Republic but GR Cosmetics is in some other countries too like in Luc FRANCE, Wimbledon UK, Poland, Russia, USA...
    Basicaly i was looking for some flaky polish instead of Nfu OH, because it is very hard to get and it is expensive. And I found these GR! btw they are way cheaper than Nfu Oh! Hope it helped :)

  3. Takže šupinky jsou na cestě a je to jen a jen tvoje vina. V případě, že nebudu spokojena, skončí za trest u tebe! Ale fakt GR vypadá moc hezky.

  4. chichi, ja vim, supinky jsou nakazlive :)

  5. thanks for your answer Lucy :)
    I had never heard about Golden Rose before but I saw on their website they had really interesting polishes. Now I just have to find a place to buy them from ^_^

  6. Hi Lucy :)
    If someone can get some of those scale effects polishes for you you might want and ask them to buy a couple extras: I've just been told they have been discontinued :(


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