Monday, 15 March 2010

GOSH FROU-FROU and some nail art :)

I was really excited when I saw ORLY Rage (on the left) from new Foil FX Collection and I wanted it straight away. Unfortunately it took some time to get into online stores and in meantime I just couldn't resist to buy GOSH FROU-FROU when I saw it in stores. It looks just like ORLY Rage however I would still love to do a comparison of those two polishes. It took two coats for the full coverage and the colour is just beautiful! It is really metallic and shiny!

Kdyz jsem poprve videla ORLY Rage z nove kolekce Foil FX, byla jsem uplne unesena. Bohuzel chvili to trvalo, nez se tahle kolekce zacala prodavat na internetu a mezitim jsem proste musela koupit GOSH FROU-FROU, na ktery jsem narazila v obchode. Vypada stejne jako ORLY Rage, ale i tak bych chtela i ORLY,abych je mohla porovnat mezi sebou. Na plne kryti stacily dve vrstvy a barva je proste nadherna! Krasne metalicka a leskla!

On the day 2 I did a bit of nail art using painter's tape (inspiration from Blue Tape and Nail Tips).

Druhy den jsem si trosku hrala a ozdobila jsem si nehtiky s pomoci malirske papirove pasky (inspirace z blogu Blue Tape and Nail Tips).


  1. Gorgeous chrome, and love the design!!

  2. Very pretty! It does look like rage :)

  3. Brooke: Thank you, it is gorgeous colour indeed :)

    Michelle: I hope I will resist of buying the Rage however I would liket o see differences between the colours :)

  4. Beuatiful nail polish! I would love to have this colour in my collection.

  5. krásný Luci a opět tleskám, jsi moc šikovná !

  6. That is a very pretty manicure!

  7. What a lovely color! It does look quite close to Orly's shade, and if you do end up buying Rage and it is the same shade, at least you bought it in the pursuit of doing a comparison for those of us who don't have either shade.

    As an aside, oh my goodness! Thank you for mentioning my nail blog. Wow, your nail art is phenomenal! (And I love the little rhinestone - so shiny!) Now you've given me inspiration for when I finally get my hands on Rage (or Gosh, if I can find that brand here in the states).


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