Monday, 26 April 2010

Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red with Nfu Oh 59

Flaky Nfu Oh polishes are simply made for layering so I combined Sally Hansen's Honeymoon Red with Nfu Oh 59. The result was not as beautiful as I expected but maybe if I would use two layers of Nfu Oh instead of one, it would be nicer.

2 coats of Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red
1 coat of Nfu Oh 59

Supinkove Nfu Oh jsou proste stvorene pro vrstveni, takze jsem zkombinovala Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red s Nfu Oh 59. Vysledek nebyl az tak krasny, jak jsem ocekavala, ale kdybych pouzila dve vrstvy Nfu Oh misto jedne, urcite by to vypadalo jeste lip :)

2 vrstvy Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red
1 vrstva Nfu Oh 59


  1. Totally gorgeous! Great layering combination

  2. Luci, já jsem z 59 taky docela zklamaná, čekala jsem že bude spíš vínový a tak nějak hezčí...


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