Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Constance Carroll Midnight Rouge..beautiful vampy colour!

Yep, another vampy colour :) Constance Carroll Midnight Rouge is a nicely pigmented, easy to apply and sooo creamy! It took two coats for a full cover and with Seche Vite top coat no chips in three days! I really like this one! It reminds me a BB Couture Erotic Night polish I reviewed earlier, except Erotic Night is a bit darker.

Constance Carroll Midnight Rouge vs. BB Couture Erotic Night

Ano, dalsi vampy barvicka :) Constance Carroll Midnight Rouge je krasne syta barvicka, moc dobre se s ni pracuje a je uuuzasne kremova (tak,ze mi jako kremovka nevadi:) Pro plne kryti uplne stacily dve vrstvy a spolecne se Seche Vite nadlakem vydrzel 3 dny bez poskozeni konecku. Tenhle lak se mi fakt libi! Dost mi pripomina BB Couture Erotic Night, o kterem jsem psala driv. erotic Night mi prijde o malinko tmavsi (viz. foto)


  1. That looks very close to Vampire State Building.

  2. Evil Angel: uuu, I must go and check it out! :)

  3. yea, the CC is awesomely wicked on you. Have fun with that one. ;)


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