Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Barry M Mint Green

I've decided to show you more of the UK brands. Barry M has wide range of nail polishes so I'll try to include Barry M swatches more often. Today I've got Mint Green shade which is supposed to be really close to Chanel Jade. Unfortunately I don't own the Chanel to show you a comparison. The colour is a light creme pastel green, quite cool shade.

Mint Green is quite sheer and it needed two very thick coats or three regular ones :( Not really good formula I would was also quite runny and watery. When it dried the colour wasn't very shiny so I had to use a topcoat. Overally the shade is nice if you like Chanel Jade or greens but the formula is not one of the best. I didn't feel good in this shade as it was too pale and cold for me.

Rozhodla jsem se, ze vam ukazu vic britskych znacek. Barry M ma sirokou sklau odstinu laku, takze se pokusim zaradit do prispevku vice z teto znacky. Dnes tu mam Mint Green, ktery ma byt velmi blizky pribuzny Chanelu Jade. Bohuzel nemam Chanel, abych je porovnala :( Barva je pastelova zelena kremovka, docela dost studeny odstin.

Mint green je malo kryci, potreboval dve hodne silne vrstvy nebo tri normalni :( Rozhodne o tomhle laku nemuzu rict, ze by mel dobrou take dost vodovy a ridky. Kdyz zaschnul, barva nebyla moc leskla, takze jsem musela pouzit nadlak. Celkove si myslim,ze pokud mate radi Chanel Jade a zelene odstiny obecne, tak je to pekna barvicka. Bohuzel ta konzistence neni nic moc :( Ja osobne jsem se v tomhle laku necitila dobre, protoze je na me moc svetly a studeny.


  1. I love it! Perfect mint color! :)

  2. I'm your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you sometime can check out mine:

  3. Moc pěkná barva! Připomíná mi Essie tuquoise and caicos.

  4. love that mint green!!!
    i've always love all kinds of greens..and that is one really pretty colour..=)

  5. so pretty!
    i'm following you
    please pass by my blog and follow if you have time!

  6. maRyya: hello, I already read you and follow you ;)

    thanks guys for lovely comments..I'm not sure if the colour deserves it as it looks awful on my hands :D


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