Sunday, 19 September 2010

Creative Sheer Contentment swatch and review

My first Creative nail polish and such a dissapointment. Colour is milky pink with a gold shimmer. I'm sure that those who love the sheer and light colours would like it but I didn't. It wasn't very opaque so I needed three thick coats....and you can still see the line on the nail :( It did not chip for first three days and removal was without problems :)


  1. Yeah I'm not really a VNL gal, so this polish definitely wouldn't do it for me. I steer clear of many sheer looking polishes even when I'm really attracted to them, because I just know I'll be unhappy with the nail line.

  2. JQ: I have to agree..I don't have many sheers as I don't like to wear them often.


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