Monday, 27 September 2010

Style in Argyle inspired mani no.2

This is my secon Style in Argyle inspired mani, it is not as beautiful as the first one but it still looked good :)

I've used Cowl of the wild as a base colour, Aura Angora and Tight Knit.

This mani instantly reminded me this duck :D


  1. Yes!! That's totally awesome! I love it when I am working on a mani or looking at someone's and I instantly get an image!

    yay mallard duckies!

    But totally darling mani. Very posh!

  2. This mani looks great, love the colors you used and I think it's also very work appropriate!

  3. Kuk sem:

  4. JQ: thanks ;) I love your comments!

    PolishSis: thank you :)

    Spaceinvaders: indeed :D :D thx


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