Thursday, 28 October 2010

Still loving holographs!

I know it is autumn but I still love holographic nail polishes which always give me better mood :) I just want to show you some pictures, that's all :)

China Glaze QT from OMG collection :)


  1. this color is amazing... I've only silver holos but I'd like to find other holos in different colors...

  2. Wow that's a gorgeous color! :) I think I have to buy it! :)

  3. OMGOODNESS!!!! HOLOGRAPHIC AWESOMENESS!!! *dies* I'm in heaven!!!! I think I would marry a collection of holographic nail polishes.... the main husband would be Nfu-Oh #65 of course! :P I love that China Glaze collection, I only pity that the holographic particules are not as intense as Nfu-Oh's. Great swatch! Plus... love your nails, so pretty and perfect! ^__^

  4. Alice: try Transdesign, they still might have few colours from OMG collection!

    joycexc: yeah, it really is! Thanks for comment!

    Akuma Kanji: oh, thank you! I have never seen Nfu Oh holographs so I can't really compare but I've heard the same things about them-awesome!

  5. Oooooh sooo it. Your nails are beautiful


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