Friday, 8 June 2012

Blue Waves manicure for the Day 12 of Summer Challenge

Hello lovelies!

Yay! It's another Summer challenge day and another opportunity to do some nail art! Today I've done 'Blue waves manicure'. The official theme is HOT HOT HOT Combo!

For this manicure I've use paper/painter's tape, craft scissors, ME Mattese Elite Passistas as a base colour, ME Mattese Elite Embarasse Moi on the top and then I've created the waves effect with Dr.’s Remedy NOBLE Navy.


These are other lovely ladies who participate in the Summer challenge:


  1. What an amazing glitter! And I seriously need to buy myself a pair of craft scissors.

    1. Oh you should! And the zig zag ones too :D

  2. This design makes me think Charlie Brown. Only... a different color obviously. Really pretty.

  3. These are beautiful :) love the colours and love the zigzag pattern.

  4. this is absolute perfection! how long did it take you?! i can only imagine the patience!

  5. My scissors must suck because they won't cut without ripping at least one side!


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