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2true Nail Polish picture spam! Review and swatches of 2true polishes!

Hello lovelies,

Today post is going to be picture heavy! I have here seven 2true polishes that I want to show you. This is the first time I've tried this brand. I guess I'm a bit spoiled in my nail polish choices so I haven't even thought about purchasing this brand in the local drugstore. Well if you want to know what I think about them, continue to read...

Shade 12 Fast Dry Colour Quick - creme taupe colour. I always found taupe colours very elegant and office friendly so I like this shade very much. It applies very nicely, dries glossy and has good pigmentation. I'm wearing two coats and no topcoat. I find the polish to have quite long drying time without fast-drying topcoat.

Shade 13 Fast Dry Colour Quick - grey creme leaning towards blue undertones. Formula of this polish is good as it applies nicely and the polish levels itself out on the nail. I'm wearing two coats which are enough for perfect coverage. Drying time of this polish without topcoat was average and removal is easy.

Shade 7 Crystal Nail Polish - brown foil with pink undertones. I've found that the polish has blue and orange particles in it making it quite interesting shade. It applies easily and the pigmentation is good - I got away with two coats. On the other hand removal was bit of a pain. The foil particles got stuck to my skin so I had to spend more time removing them.

Shade 8 Crystal Nail Polish - plum purple with blue foil flecks. It has quite good formula that dries fast. I'm wearing two slightly thicker coats which were enough for a full coverage. I've had the same problem with removal like with Shade 7 - the foil particles stick to the skin very easily and it's hard work to get rid of them. On the plus side this polish doesn't stink like I've experienced with similar shades (Zoya Fei Fei and OPI Her Majesty's Secret Service)

Shade 9 Crystal Nail Polish - dark bronze foil. It's a very pretty brown/bronze shade with gold particles that nicely lighten up the polish. It has exactly the same formula as the previous two shades so no major problems.

Shade 1 Glitterati line - silver hex glitters in a light blue jelly base. In addition, the jelly base has fine glitter in it so it livens the polish nicely. I have applied one coat of Shade 2 over Mohda Atirada. It slightly darkened the shade of the Mohda polish. It is not pigmented enough to be worn by itself but it's good for layering. The drying time was average and removal was quite easy.

Shade 2 Glitterati line - silver and gold hex glitter in a pink jelly base. Again, the jelly base has fine glitter which looks really nice. It's also much better for layering as it would take like four or five coats for full coverage if applied alone. I am wearing one coat over Mohda Amor. It has good amount of glitter which is also a bit harder to remove.

The formulas of each nail polish line varied but generally they were on the drugstore brand nail polish level. I would rank them 7 out of 10 mostly because of slower drying and because I had to apply thicker coats to get full opacity. If you're on budget and simply don't want to spend your money on OPI or Nails Inc. I think you will be quite happy with these. I've noticed some really nice shades in the 2true range so I might be purchasing some others myself.

2true nail polishes can be purchased at Superdrug in-store or online for £1.99 or 3 for £4.99. Each bottle has 7ml and the brush is quite good, easy to work with.

So what do you think?

These were provided for a review


  1. Wow, they're really beautiful all of them. :-)

  2. The crystal nailpolishes look so pretty!

  3. I'm a new reader and <3 ur blog!!
    Very nice polishes! Especially shade 9 :)

    One thing I would appreciate when swatching glitter polishes would be a picture of base, where the glitter polish is added. One finger with only base for example would be enough. Then it's easier to see if the polish is what I want. Also swatch of the glitterpolish without coloured base would tell the same.

  4. I can't see any I don't want here! I love the 2true range but always found them horrible to remove. I have a dark blue that stains my fingers :(

  5. I've never heard of that brand, but always on the lookout for new and untried polish! I love the taupe color on you. I have a hard time wearing them as I am fair skinned and I have mannequin hands in them. Maybe I just haven't found the right shade yet. Love your long nails! Mine won't grow that long, but wow yours are so pretty.

  6. I like the first two colors posted...

  7. I've always been curious yet dubious about this brand. Thanks for sharing and clearing a few things up for me :)

  8. Oooh yay, you've opened up a whole new brand of polishes to me; I was hesistant about buying this brand, thought they might be a little bit too cheap, but they look great to me:)

  9. The colours are really pretty! Beautiful pictures too :)

  10. I love 2True polishes, always get a load on their three for £4.99 deal whenever I go to Superdrug - for such a low price there is really nothing to complain about for me :) xx

  11. OMG!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. Love each and every color for I find them all elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion.

  12. I've seen them in Superdrug, but I've never actually thought about buying them until now - Shade 8 Crystal is beautiful!

  13. I love shades 7 and 8. I don't think they are available where I live, though, unless you know otherwise. I'm in USA.


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