Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review of Alessandro Hands!Up Paradise Apple Hand Cream and Green Tea Hand Peeling

Hello lovelies,

I'm making few small changes on my blog this year (you could call them resolutions). One of them is to talk more about hand care and cuticle care products. I use many brands, trying to find the Holy Grail. Today I'll share with you my opinion on two Alessandro products - Paradise Apple Hand Cream and Green Tea Hand Peeling.

I got these two products from UK e-shop from their beauty section. They've had the whole range of Alessandro hand care products so you can imagine how hard it was to choose scents to review.

Lucy's Stash - Alessandro product

Alessandro Hands!Up Paradise Apple Hand Cream - this hand cream belongs to the Fruit Bar range that has fruit scents. Paradise Apple smells really good and juicy...I'm always tempted to lick it :D

The hand cream comes in 75ml tube and it has milky white colour. It sinks in in few minutes but it leaves slightly tacky hands. I like to use the cream in the evening, then put oil on them and slip into cotton beauty gloves. That way I don't mind the tacky feeling.

I wouldn't carry this hand cream in my handbag because of the tacky feeling it leaves but I like to have it on my bedside table. If it wasn't for the great fresh apple smell I probably wouldn't use it very often.

Lucy's Stash - Alessandro product

Lucy's Stash - Alessandro product

Alessandro Hands!Up Green Tea Hand Peeling - this product too has a great smell. It smells like sweet fresh green tea, really lovely. It comes in 50ml tube. The consistency is thick oily substance with sugar crystals in it.

I didn't find any directions of use on the tube so I have used it as similar products. I have applied it to dry hands and rubbed it in like if I'd be spreading a soap. When I felt I've done enough I have washed off the product with warm water. My hands were feeling soft with oily layer on them. Again, it's good to just put on beauty gloves and leave the oils to soak in overnight.

I really like this product - the smell and the essential oils in it. The only thing that could improve is the amount of sugar in it. There is not enough to give a proper hard-core peeling my hands sometimes need. I just add more sugar into my palms to enhance the peeling effect.

Lucy's Stash - Alessandro product

Lucy's Stash - Alessandro product


  1. I am in love with green tree scent in products. Thanks for the review.

  2. I'm excited to hear more about your cuticle and hand care - i'm also looking for the best of the best! Thanks for the review :)


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