Tuesday, 20 April 2010

China Glaze Watermelon Rind with silver konading

Last year I was really excited  when I bought the Watermelon Rind nail polish because it is simply beautiful greenish-teal colour. Unfortunately it did not work with my skin tone and I felt weird :( However polish itself was really easy to use and had a good coverage. I also used light silver konading to make i a bit special. I did not want stamping to be very bold so I've used Konad special nail polish in Silver shade.

Loni jsem byla primo nadsena, kdyz jsem si poridila lak Watermelon Rind, protoze je to proste nadherna zeleno-tealova barvicka. Bohuzel  mi nesedla k memu tonu pleti a citila jsem se v ni fakt divne :( Navzdory memu pocitu z barvy, s lakem se mi lakovalo moc pekne a dobre kryl. Lak jsem jeste ozvlastnila stribrnym razitkovanim. Nechtela jsem, aby byla razitka moc vyrzana, takze jsem pouzila specialni Konad lak v odstinu Silver.


  1. nice.. i also have a polish like this.. does this polish is really a bit watery?

  2. Thriszha: I don't think so.. mine wasn't watery..


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