Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I love your blog Award!

I have received the I love your blog Award from Happyberrynaiad, so thank you!!!

So rules of the game are:

*Post the award on your blog
*Link the person who has give you the award
*Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered:

My award is going to"

1. AllYouDesire
2. MU maniak Viennettka
3. Day Loves Colours
4. Just a Beauty Blog
5. ...insignificant little things...
6. Divi Makeup
7. Konadomania
8. Nalakovany blog
9. Body & Soul
10. Lacquer Laine
11. Naive Nails
12. Rule The Red Carpet
13. Fab UR nails
14. My Simple Little Pleasures
15. Sonidlo's nail polishes


  1. Thank you Lucy, I don´t do tags anymore, but thank you so much :)
    Love your blog too.

  2. thank u so much lucy for tagging me..I added u on my blog roll list

  3. Many thanks, Lucy, I appreciate it...and it motivates me to upload new posts :-)

  4. Lucinko, moc moc dekuji!!!!!


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