Monday, 19 April 2010

OPI Didgeridoo your nails? with Konad

This is another konadding for you :) I've used dark blue Konad special nail polish to stamp on OPI Didgeridoo your nails?  I really like the result. OPI needed only two coats for a full cover.

Dalsi razitkovani :) Pouzila jsem OPI Didgeridoo your nails? a Konad tmave modry razitkovaci lak. Vysledek se mi nakonec fakt moc libil. OPI laku stacily dve vrstvy pro plne kryti,takze parada!


  1. Hey Lucy,

    I've tagged you for an award =)

  2. Thank you guys!

    Berry T: wow, thaks, that is really nic from you :)


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