Thursday, 23 September 2010

American Apparel Royal Mount swatches

I was soooo thrilled when I saw American Apparel shop in London! I went in straight away and picked up three nail polishes and didn't even looked at the that's illness :D :D One of the shades I bought is Mount Royal - Purple blue creme. It has really onteresting formula. I have only ONE coat in the pics and it is totally enough! Colour didn't streak, was easy to apply and fully opaque in one coat....what more do you want from the nail polish? Love the formula....


  1. Neuvěřitelný kontrast :-O Jinak krásná barvička :)

  2. I like it
    my blog

  3. Very pretty color, and who could argue with a formula like that?

  4. An: jj, naprosty souhlas :)

    youknow: thank you...what language is your blog in? I can't recognize it :)

    Jenny: Exactly! :)

  5. The AA polishes are just awesome aren't they. Great colours and great formula (remind me of the perfection that is RBL) and all for a fiver! I know there are mutterings about their business practices but boy they picked a good polish supplier!

  6. I MUST go to American Apparel. I MUST go to American Apparel. I MUST go to American Apparel. :D

    What an awesome blue.

  7. Cali: you're right, the formulas are great and I must get more of them :) I had only one RBL and unfortunately didn't like it :(

    JQ: You MUST go to American Apparel! :D


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