Friday, 24 September 2010

Ingrid Cosmetics 354 swatches

This is my first and the only one nail polish from this brand which I picked up on my holiday in Czech Republic. It is nice fire-red with a gold shimmer. Now application was a little bit difficult as the polish made holes in the first lay...yeah, the holes. You know when the polish starts to gather on the brush whenever you go over the layer for the second time. Well that's it! Holes! I hate them!

Enough about holes :D The second layer finally made the surface nice and smooth. but overally it is cheap polish and I won't be purchasing any other shade as I hate the formula :(


  1. I like the color a lot.
    I got some from this brand and the formula was good.

  2. Hi! Just stopping by from Fun Follow Friday to follow you! Will you follow me?

  3. Love the color!!

    New follower from Fun Follow Friday

  4. rebie: that's good that you had better luck on these polishes :)

    Songberries: hello and welcome to my blog :) I follow you now :)

    Beth: Thank you and I follow you as well :)


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