Wednesday, 1 September 2010

China Glaze Eyes like Sapphires

Well that's a beauty :) Bright rich blue with tiny silver glitters. I didn't feel well in such a bright blue but it is an amazing colour. It applied smoothly, it is ALMOST one coater but I still needed two and it stayed without chipping 3 days. But the removing...that was a pain again :-/ Lots of tiny silver glitters made removing really awful experience :(

But I just love how the silver stamping changed my nails! I've used Bundle Monster plate and China Glaze Millennium nail polish for stamping.

No tak tohle je krasny lak :) Vyrazna modra s jemnymi stribrnymi trpytkami. Sice jsem se v tom laku moc dobre necitila,ale presto je uzasny. Dobre se nanasel, je SKORO plne kryci, ale stejne jsem si nakonec dala dve vrstvy. Ve skvele kondici vydrzel 3 dny, pak se mi kvuli praci zacal odlupovat. Ale to byl zase porod :-/ Spousta drobnych glitriku mi to moc neusnadnila :(

Zamilovala jsem se do kombinace se stribrnym razitkovanim! Uplne to zmenilo cele nehty! Pouzila jsem desticku Bundle Monster a China Glaze Millennium na razitka.


  1. WOW, this is completely gorgeous. I really like the combination of the shiny darker blue with the silver. I really love these nails!

    I am fairly new into nails, and just started up my own blog a few days ago. I would love to have you stop by and check it out! You can find it at if you are interested. :)

  2. Takovou modrou budu mít vždycky ráda!

  3. Great design! (^_^)

  4. When I saw this I gasped out loud! Very dramatic and beautiful. RIGHT up my alley! I love that metallic polishes work so well witht he image plates. Just got my Bundle Monster yesterday afternoon! EEEE!
    This Sapphire polish is going on my wish list RIGHT NOW!

  5. Jenny, thank you! I'm following your blog and looking forward to your new designs ;)

    Sonidlo: krasna,ze? ale s razitkovanim je 100% lepsi :)

    Becky: Thank you :)

    JQ: Wow, I think this is the best comment I've ever had! Thank you so much, it's really amazing hear something like that! I follow your blog now and I wanna see new Bundle Monster designs! :)

  6. This blue is amazing! Love your stamping~

  7. You're so welcome. :)

    I got your note on my blog thanks! I was inspired by your blue and silver and tried my own. :)

  8. Překrásné. Hlavně to razítkování nehtíky oživilo :)


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