Friday, 3 September 2010

The winner of the Big Nail Polish Giveaway!

Yay, I found a winner! From a 250 followers celebration I jumped to over 450 followers! I guess I'll have to do 500 followers giveaway soon :D

It took me quite a while to sort out all the entries but finally it's done! I probably didn't write the rules as clearly as I thought I did so it ended up in three types of entries and a bit mess :)

And there you go......



Congratulations, I've already sent you an email so hope you'll get in touch soon :)

Thank you all for your entries, your suggestions and advices, I'm already preparing some new posts.


Thank you for your comment, I read and approve all comments and I will try to respond as well.
Please be considerate and do not leave links in your comment. If you want me to check your blog please drop me an email :)

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