Thursday, 16 December 2010

I'm in a christmasy mood and so are my nails :)

Here are the first of my christmasy nails :) I'm not going to do xmas-themed stampings, just some basic festive nails. I've used OPI Ali's Big Break and OPI Bring on the Bling.


  1. you bad girl grrrrrrr
    you stole my idea for tomorrow's mani :-(
    they look lovely,i like it :-)

  2. Nádhera! Odcházím na ebay koupit si ten třpytkatej, ať jsem vybavená aspoň na příští Vánoce.

  3. This is beautiful, and very festive for the holidays! I wouldn't have thought of pairing these two together before - thanks for sharing!

  4. Stunning! They look amazing together.

  5. Mina: dekujuu :)

    nail crazy: heh what a be honest I did this mani month ago just didnt have time to write posts :)

    Lalica, Karen D: thank you

    Peti, ja myslim,ze levnejsi trpytkata nahrazka by udelala stejny efekt...

    Makeup Zombie: thank you! :)

    Cyan: thank you and you better try it, I'm sure you'll love it! I kept staring on my nails!

    Silence is Loud: thanks :)

  6. That's a really pretty combination! Looks very festive! :D


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