Monday, 17 January 2011

CND Perfectly Bare Collection - Review and Swatches

Few days back I've informed you about new CND Collection called Perfectly Bare. And today I have swatches and review for you. Collection consists from one Perfectly Bare creme nail polish and one Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect.

Perfectly Bare - beige creme colour, little bit to the pinkish colour. The formula is just perfect! I've needed only one coat for a full coverage. It applied absolutely smoothly and I am very excited about CND nail polishes. Removing was very easy.

Price: 4/5
Formula: 5/5
Coverage: 5/5
Chipping: 4/5

Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect - Pink Shimmer with irregular silver particles. I love CND Effects! They just transform an ordinary polish to a completely different shade! I've used one coat of Effect to a Perfectly Bare polish so you can see the difference. I've worn the duo for four days and experienced only minor chipping.

Collection will be available in March at


  1. looks great! I've been waiting for these but haven't seen them available anywhere yet.

  2. 1 coat of PB is brilliant but I don't rate their Effects polishes. I have 2 and they are so not worth it.

  3. I love that slight slimmer, so pretty!

  4. Jen: according to my information these will be available in UK March/April 2011

    jaljen: that's a shame but you know what, everybody likes different things :)

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thank you, me too :)

  5. I love cnd especially there effects. Will this be available to the US in March as well?

  6. rmcandlelight: I have only release date for UK market so I can't confirm that it is the same for US. I've tried to find out online but it probably hasn't been specified yet.

  7. It's maybe a bit peach for me - but with the shimmer effect it's gorgeous :-)

  8. Wow I love the effect of the nailpolish. Is a pretty soft colour :D I Like it :)

  9. i do love colors like this but i think i have something similar from barielle pffffew that saves me some cash ;)


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