Sunday, 2 January 2011

Finally got Deborah Lipmann Bad Romace!

Yeah, you hear right! It took me very long to get this beauty but I finally got it! But firstly let me wish you

Happy New Year and thank you all for the fantastic support in last year! 

I've been really busy last couple of weeks so I didn't really have to make many posts :-/ Moreover the weather is really stupid and I can't swatch very often, there's just not enough light :( Oh, how I hate winter for this!

Now to the polish - it is a black jelly colour with small round purple glitters and big hexagon glitters. Application was really easy and I've used two thicker coats. It was enough for a full coverage. However after the polish dries it leaves quite gritty finish. I solved this problem with two coats of Seche Vite top coat. You can see the result in the pictures-quite nice and even finish :) I'm wearing the polish now and it's third day. I'm experiencing little bit of chipping but still nothing major. Well I just hope that the removal won't be a problem... I don't like the price very much, it was $18 which is quite a lot for a nail polish for me :-/ Nut this one is just different...beautiful!

Price: 2/5
Formula: 4/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 3/5


  1. Love this! AND I love your blog!!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. what a stunner! want one myself:)

  3. Lucinko, přej ti ať se ti daří nejenom na poli blogování, ale i v osobním životě !!!

    ten lak je prostě bomba..a chválím dokonalé nehty a chci víc fotek :-D

  4. Heather: Oh, thank you very much, I really appreciate your support! And I love you makeup looks!

    KONADomania: Thank you, I think, you should get it ;)

    AYD: Thank you, I like it on you too, though :)

    snbbibi: Dekuju Lucinko za krasne prani, tobe taky vse nejlepsi do noveho roku a do zivota :) Jo a vic fotek asi nebude, bylo blbe svetlo a jen techhle par vyslo dobre.

    Marketka: Dekuju..zkousela jsi Ebay?

  5. beautiful color!
    hugs from ur new follower from Serbia! happy ny

  6. Nééé, už ho nikdo nelakujte a nezveřejňujte nebo vážně umřu závistí! :-D

  7. Happy 2011!!!! I seriously hope you keep up the great work in this blog, it's amazing and I love your swatches :D plus you have lovely nails, it is impossible for a swatch to look bed on you! :P I also love that nail polish, It's possible my favourite from Deborah Lipmann glitters. Amazing how the black doesn't cover the purple colour of the glitter *___*

  8. this is really beautiful on you!

  9. this polish is really awesome,no doubt about it :-)
    happy new year dear!

  10. this looks so much like facets of fuchsia!


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