Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Studio M Purple Medaillon and comparison with OPI DS Extravagance

I've been craving for Studio M Purple Medaillon since I saw first pictures of it. I finally got it but it was quite a dissapointment :(

Purple Medaillon - a dark purple jelly base with quite big coloured glitter. Now this is really beautiful colour, I love it BUT the formula is really bad :-/ It is quite watery and it dries very gritty. The colour coverage is quite good, I've used two thicker coats. The brush is slim and soft so working with it wasn't a pleasure. I also wore this polish for a few days and after one and a half day it started to chip :( Beautiful colour but awful formula. What a shame!

Direct sunlight

Artificial light

I have compared Purple Medaillon with OPI DS Extravagance because the colour reminded it to me. I know they are very different with the size of a glitter/particles but I was just curious ;)

Price: 5/5
Formula: 2/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 2/5


  1. Looks great on you! I just posted about this polish the other day. The sister polish to this, Slamming Red, has a much more worse formula.

  2. you nailed it: I think so too, it's really nice :)

    Rachel Marie: Thank you :) I have Slamming Red too and you are right, the formula is much worse! I'll write post about it soon :)

  3. Je nádherný, mnohem hezčí než Extravagance, takže bych mu všechno špatné odpustila!

  4. Aaaah! <3 I hope to find it some day, regardless of the formula.

  5. How much did you get it for and where did you buy it?? I cannot find Studio M anywhere online ='( xxx

  6. Já úžasný, naprosto souhlasím s Viennettkou! Chci ho!

  7. I agree, the colour is gorgeous. Shame about the formula!

  8. Peti, tenhle se jeste da prezit,ale ten druhy, co mam - Slamming Red je naprosto priserny!

    Blu11, Ayari/Fifi: I got these from the swap I did so another blogger in US bought them for me. They cost $2.99 and I know they should sell them in Meijer.

  9. To je škoda, ta barva je naprosto luxusní. Ukážeš i ten červený prosím?

  10. Dejni, dockej casu, jako husa klasu! :D

  11. It's such a shame about the dodgy formula because this polish really is a stunner.

  12. What an awesome polish!! I still haven't swatch it yet. It looks gorgeous on you :)

  13. Hi Lucy, I'm a polish addict like you! I love your blog and nail art...
    I'm a new follower from Barcelona ;-)


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