Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shinny Red Color Matt Dull Polish with half pearls - review and swatches

I couldn't wait to try the matte polish and half pearls! Nail polish comes in a nice matte-glass bottle which I like. However all the writing is in chinese(?) so you won't get much information from the label. The colour itself is described as Shinny Red but in fact it is dark pink as you can see. The application was a bit diffucult because the formula is thicker, bit gluey. Once it dried the finish was nice and matte.It didn't chip first two days and removal was easy, without problems.

I've put some half pearl decorations on the matte nail polish without any topcoat...

..and I just had to try it with topcoat as well.

Niiice, isn't? Polish has 12ml and it has been sent to me for review from Nail Art e-shop Born Pretty. I will be also reviewing their nail art plates.


  1. GORGEOUS look :)
    the polish on it's own is super pretty but the pearls really make a statement!! x

  2. Tohle je fakt překrásný a nádherná barva! ty perličky si musím pořídit.

  3. The polish looks very nice! I'm not sure about the pearls; I think they'd bother me due to how bulky they are, but maybe that's the camera making them look bigger than they are.

  4. S těma perlama se mi to moc líbí!

  5. Radiant.MakeUp: Thank you :)

    lovelyhair: dekuju :) Perlicky jsou z e-shopu v linku na konci clanku, neuctuji postovne, takze urcite doporucuju! Jestli tam budes nakupovat, tak bych ti mohla sehnat 10% slevu.

    KarenD: Thank you! The pearls are quite big but I kinda like that look. I wouldn't use it on all nails, that would be too much but on one it's ok.

    Sonidlo, dekuji :)

  6. Sarka

    Wooow, tak tahle barva je nadherna :) mrazene berries :) mnam! a perlicky na jednom nehtu sou ok. Nemuzu se dockat na gold n red :D

  7. It came out really pretty! I love it! ^__^


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