Monday, 27 June 2011

KKCenterHK False lashes review and eye makeup!

Hi everybody! I haven't done makeup post quite a while so I'l do 2-in-1 and review KKCenterHK ES A500 False Eyelashes. It is 10 different pairs of eyelashes that come in a black box. There is no eyelash glue in this box so you will have to use some from other eyelashes or buy a separate one.

I've applied eyelashes over the finished makeup with an eyelash glue. It sticked nicely and they are large enough to cover my whole eye. You can always cut them to make them smaller :) I don't wear false eyelashes because I'm happy with my own ones but as you'll see later in the pictures, they looked magical!

Eyelashes itself are very nice quality, they didn't fall apart or tear when I was removing them. Overally, I am really happy with them and they are great value for the money.

The box with 10 different pairs of eyelashes:

For this look I've used eyelashes numbered as 1 (third from the top) and eyeshadows from 120 colour palette and MAC Blacktrack eyeliner.

For this look I've used eyelashes numbered as 2 (first from the top) and eyeshadows from 120 colour palette and MAC Blacktrack eyeliner.

Eyelashes are from KKCenterHK e-shop which sells large range of false eye lashes, wigs and eye makeup. I have been sent these for a review and my opinion is honest.


  1. these lashes are beautiful!
    great review, it makes me want to go buy some new lashes(:

  2. Very beautiful...They sent me too,I really liked these lashes.They're good on your eyes too ^_^

  3. WOW! They look astounding on you!!!! *____*

  4. BeautyBehaved: Thank you :) I really think it's a great value for money :)

    Colourful World: awww, thank you, you're really nice :)

    Akuma Kanji: thankk you, I'm glad you keep reading my blog ;)

    Janella: thank you, I like them too!

    evie: yeah, they are really nice ;) they sell wide range of lashes so you can choose your favourite ones.

    Thank you lovelies for your nice comments, you made my day! xxx

  5. These lashes are amazing.. but. you have even more amazing natural lashes.. they're so long! *jealous*


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