Friday, 8 July 2011

China Glaze White Cap over First Mate from Anchors Away Collection!

Hi everybody! Today I have here last two nail polishes from Anchors Away collection I own.

First Mate -  it's rich dark blue cream colour, I could also say it's very nice navy blue shade. This polish has absolutely great pigmentation! I've applied one thicker coat and it was enough for a great coverage. The formula of the polish is little bit thicker but it still applied smoothly and finish was even. Overally really nice polish with great formula and easy removing.

White Cap - is sheer polish packed with gold flecks....and I mean PACKED! The gold flecks are realy shiny and bright, I just love it! It is very sheer so if you want to use it alone, you'll need about three coats. On the other hand it's a great polish for layering. It reminds me CND Gold Shimmer a lot. I've decided to apply it over First Mate.


  1. I also do have white cap and I love it on top of some polishes. The blue looks also very nice.

  2. oh wow these two look amazing together!
    they are both going on my to buy list!! x

  3. OOoh I love it! Layering polishes are winning for me right now! Endless possibilities!

  4. white cap je vážně skvělej nadlak, taky ho mám ráda :)!

  5. Sally: Thank you very much. It does really look great as layering colour!

    JQ: Nice to see you here again :) And you're right, layering polishes are grrrrreat! I love CNDs!

    lovelyhair: Ahoj, jj, je vazne super, hlavne se da pouzit na jakoukoliv barvu :)


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