Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My cosmetic bag and my must-haves inside!

Hi everybody!

I've been thinking about writing post about my cosmetic bag and its content for a while. Firstly, I want to show you a set of three cosmetic bags I have got from Simply Bags website. I absolutely adore them! The best thing is that lovely people at Simply bags embroidered my name on one of the cosmetic bags! Now it's just mine :) I can only recommend them, they are great quality and inside is from a material that can be easily wiped clean. That's very useful for me, I had few eyeshadow disasters in the past :-/ Oh, and the colour combination! I must do inspired manicure *noted*! These three bags and one of them monogrammed cost $18.99 and there is so many of them to choose from, it was really a hard choice! Simply Bags is definitely worth to visit, they do every single bag style you can think of from bridal bags to laptop bags.

Right now I don't have to travel anywhere and take my cosmetic bag with me so the content of  is just basically what I need for my basic makeup excluding makeup brushes. I always start with concealer (Illamasqua concealer), then apply foundation (Erno Laszlo Tinter Moisturizer), powder (T. LeClerc in Chair Ocree, I have it in a smaller jar for easier use). My favourite bronzer/blush during the summer and early autumn was T. LeClerc Multi Usage Powder in Aurore. Then of course I have there my favourite gel eyeliner (MAC Blacktrack), mascara primer (Sephora) and two mascaras. And that's basically it :) I have all my eyeshadows, highlighters and other cosmetics in my dressing table and it would definitely not fit into these three bags :D No way :D


  1. What cute little bags!!!! I love the colours! No excuse to not wear make-up now ;)

  2. Ty taštičky jsou fakt krásný a ještě to jméno:-D
    Zajímalo by mě jak jsi spokojená s tou Sephora bází- jestli můžeš porovnat se Stilou, případně Macem?

  3. Akuma Kanji: thank you ;) You're right, cute bags!

    Dejnicka: mela jsem Stilu a s tou jsem byla moc spokojena,ale pak jsem ji nemohla nikde sehnat(kdybys sehnala, jednu bych brala hned). Sephora je taky moc fajn, urcite ji dopotrebuju. Ostatni jsem nezkousela

  4. Tak to jsme na tom stejně- já jí nahradila tou od Macu a není špatná, ale není tak dobrá jako byla Stila, tak pátrám jakou zkusit dál.

  5. Dejni, ta Sephora mi vyhovuje, takze za sebe doporucuju :)

  6. Krásný taštičky! Já už dlouho přemýšlím, že si pořídím tu z glitzyglam s jménem, ale furt nevim, jestli to není až moc infantilní :-)

  7. Dasi, mne uprimne ty Glitzy Glam moc neberou, nelibi se mi ten finis zvenku tasticky..ale proti gustu...:)

  8. I loved the bags and tried to get the black and white damask ones but they don't ship internationally :(


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