Thursday, 10 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice collection - Golden green review and swatches!

Hello ;)

Last but not least - swatches of the Golden Green polish. It is last simply because this one is my least favourite from the whole collection but at the same time it is unique and will have its place in my stash. I really enjoyed the whole collection and I can only say: More of them, Models own!

Golden Green - golden green duochrome changing into dark green shade. The formula with this polish is not perfect...the colour is streaky so I had to be careful with application. Also the pigmentation is not something I would be very happy about. I needed three coats for a full coverage. Drying time was average, not too bad.

Overall the formula of the polish has its problems but on the other hand the colour is quite unique and very nice...I will definitely keep this polish.

I just have to add a pictures of a green scarab bugs who were the inspiration...

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  1. I thought I wouldn't like this one but you pictures just made me change my mind!!!
    He's beautiful!!!

  2. Hey,
    could you please make a comparison with Chanel Peridot?
    They look a little similar but I would be very interested which one is better-looking?
    Maybe this polish is a good alternative to the expensive Chanel Peridot.

  3. My first though when I saw this one was that it is Chanel Peridot dupe so I would be even happier that Olivia if you can make a comparison but I'm not sure if you have the expensive version?

  4. Olivia, MissDoll: Hi girls, unfortunately I don't own Chanel Peridot and don't have anybody around me who does but Polishaholic compared these two here:

  5. No problems, if a beetle bug bites me and all of the sudden I will want to buy something similar it will definitely won't be Chanel ;)


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