Monday, 14 November 2011

Please help!!!!

Hi everybody!

Today I would really like to ask for your help. I've entered nail art Nail-Off! competition at the GlossyBox Facebook page and the only thing you need to do is to like my picture. If the page doesn't work it means you have enable secure browsing and the Facebook block some apps.

The prize is the whole OPI Muppets collection! I already have few Muppets polishes so I will give away the shades I already have in full size or I'm not keen on (Divine Swine, Meep Meep Meep, Warm & Fozzie).

This is my entry: GlossyBox Manicure
Used polishes: Leighton Denny Baby Doll, Color Club Black and Konad White polish for bow highlights

Thank you all!


  1. Done - you only have to like the picture not the FB page! x

  2. Powdered Almond: thank you, I've just edited the post. And thank you for tweeting <3

  3. To jsem teda nepochopila. Mas ode me samozrejme hlas a musim rict, ze tvoje nehty jsou tam suverenne nejhezci. Projela jsem celou galerku, a to by si teda zaslouzilo jit do nehtovyho pekla :D To nechapu, ci to nektery baby mysli vazne, ty rozmazany obrazky a priserny lakovani opatlany vsude :))

  4. Dasi, dekuju za podporu. Jako taky jsem se nad nekteryma fotkama pozastavovala,ale tak co nadelas. Mne se tam (teda krom my nehtu :D ) libi ty bilo-ruzove prouzkovane s Eifellovkou a to je tak vse. Ty s tema oblackama jsou pekne, maji dost hlasu,ale tema bylo GlossyBox, tak jsem pouzila design i barvy Glossyboxu. nevim, kam tam zapadaji oblacky a balonek :) Dekuju jeste jednou!

  5. Voted! Yours was deffo the best!

  6. Cute manicure Lucy! I "liked" your picture, good luck!! :) x

  7. Thank you all for your votes! Comp end on Friday so I hope I'll get enough votes :)

  8. Jo ta eifelka je super, ta se aspoň taky držela tématu.

  9. Girlie Blogger: aww, thank you very much!

    Sonidlo, dekuju :)

    Elize, rochelle: thank you lovelies :)

    Dasi, tak tak..kdybych nebyla soutezici, tak uz tam napisu, ze vetsina nehtu neni ani k tematu,ale nemuzu :D

  10. Done! So pretty idea!!!!! ;D


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