Friday, 16 December 2011

17 Magnetized Polish in Green - review and swatches

Hi girls!

It looks like magnetic polishes will be the next big nail polish trend...well they are already pretty big. China Glaze is coming out with their magnetic collection, Nails Inc., Superdrug and Boots' brand 17 are already in stores.

I couldn't stay behind so I went to Boots and bought 17 Magnetic polishes in Green and Purple shades. Why this brand? It is pretty easy - Nails Inc. costs £11, Fashionista polishes cost £6 plus £3 for the magnet and most of the colours are identical to 17 brand. 17 polishes cost £5.99 and each come with own magnet.

Green - cool-toned forest green. This polish is very pigmented (as it has to be) so I've applied one coat and put the magnet above the nail straight away. I wore this for three days and experienced only very light tipwear which pleasantly surprised me. As you can see the pattern is not same on each nail, I'm still lame with magnetic polishes :D

I have couple of tips I've observed - don't do too thick coats because when you'll put magnet too close the amount of magnetic particles with lift up towards the magnet and creat a bump. Also try to put the magnet always on the same place and same height to get the same pattern.

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  1. Interesting. I don't even know what magnetic polish is. But it looks great.

  2. The newest nail trend since crackle. I'm iffy about it to be honest since I'm not a big fan of crackle at all but I'll probably pick up a few magnetic polishes since I like the concept of it.

  3. I pity not yet exist in Portugal this type of polish :/

  4. This looks great!! You are not lame, lol! I just got my first magnetic also in a swap. Can't wait to try it for myself.

  5. I can't wait to try a magnetic polish! i think i'm going to wait for the china glaze ones though because i can get them locally.

  6. Girlie Blogger: I'm not sure exactly how it works but I imagine the polish contains metal particles that get drwn towards the magnet :)

    che: yeah, they always come up with new stuf...but hey, good for us :D

    1986Anita: maybe you'll be able to pick up some China Glaze or other polish in e-shop that posts internationally?

    MariJo: thank you hun x

    Leann: you lucky girl! I'd love to have China Glaze in local drugstore..but at least I have UK brands right?

  7. Wow! Looks a lot better than the result I got by using the magnetic nail polishes by essence!

  8. I'm already in love with magnetic, for now I own the one from Essence and as Irsada already pointed out it's not that good but at least I can get unique textures which I love :)


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