Wednesday, 14 December 2011

KIKO eyeshadow #174 - lovely taupe :) Review, swatches & makeup

Hello :)

I've recently purchased this KIKO eyeshadow #174 in Westfield Stratford store and I've decided to do a short review and makeup with it. It's a warm taupe colour with pearl finish but it's not too shiny.

It is nice size eyeshadow (3g) for £3. The pigmentation is very good and it didn't crease on me for whole 7 hours I had them on. Well I generally don't have problem with creasing as I have dry skin so I cannot guarantee that it won't crease on oily skin. It blended nicely and I will definitely try to pick few more shades (it will be hard though because they have looooots of shades!).

Eyeshadow comes in black box with hole so you can see the shade, something like MAC box only bigger.  The packaging is shiny black case with transparent lid and each eyeshadow has embossed word KIKO in it. I like this little detail.


And I did a quick makeup with this eyeshadow...nothing crazy, just nice day makeup :) For this look I've used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MUA Shade 1 (champagne pearl) , KIKO 174 and a bit of MAC Carbon. As eyeliner I've used MAC Blacktrack.


  1. Looks very beautiful. I like this colour :)

  2. in italy kiko is a very famous brand :) do you have seen the new christmas collection?is very cute!!If you have the possibility to buy at kiko buy the water eyeshadows!!and the long lasting stick eyeshadow!(now in offer)

  3. love the shade! it looks gorgeous.. i keep seeing this KIKO brand popping up in blogger posts.. is it well known & high end or drugstore?

  4. Moc pěkná barva! Jestli se dostanu v neděli do Drážďan, koupím si ho :-)

  5. Sally: thank you :)

    Gramigna: thank you for tips, next time I'll be at KIKO store I'll check it out :)

    Jen: apparently is famous Italian brand but I don't think it's high end considering the prices

    Peti, myslim si,ze neodejdes jen s jednema stinama :D :D Jinak tyhle 174 mely jeste nekolik bratricku a sestricek a lisily se od sebe uplne malyma drobnostma, fakt maji hodne krasnych stinu! A laku!

  6. happy holidays! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration~! i'm also hosting 3 giveaways, 2 which end at midnight, tonight! :)

  7. We have basically the same color of eyes and that looks so good on you I might have to pick this up!

  8. i think it sounds fantastic and the price is such a bargain! i also like how you did your eye makeup, it's so simple but still pretty. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. in uk there isn't the shop online?Therefore i wanna tell you that an italian brand that i love (the best italian nail polish *_*) layla opened 2 days ago the internation shop online. There are some holographic nail polish very cool :P


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