Saturday, 3 December 2011

Westfield Stratford Shopping centre and KIKO Shop :)

Hello lovelies,

on Friday I've visited the Westfield Stratford shopping centre in London. My primary interest was the OPI Colourcopia shop carrying the whole OPI sortiment and Nicole By OPI polishes...well I spent about three hours looking for that shop and after three hours I found out that the shop is in Westfield London, not Stratford (Stratford is in London but it is the name of centre too) :D I had no idea there are two Westfield shopping centres :D This put me off a little but I am sooo happy I stumbled across KIKO shop! I thought this brand is sold only in Netherland but apparently it's an Italian brand and there are KIKO shops in both Westfield Shopping centres.

I absolutely loved the shop! So many colours of eyeshadows (only £3) and nail polishes (£4.90). It was really hard to choose just few but I know I will be definitely returning soon and getting more colours. This is what I bought:

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of all the eyeshadow and the shop interior but after little but of persuasion and leaving my blog address I was allowed to take pictures of the nail polishes section (that one is the best anyway :D). There were testers for each colour!!! I love that and I was trying pigmentation of polishes before buying them, so far all I've tried had very good pigmentation. Enjoy the colourful pictures:

And since it's coming to Christmas there were really beautiful Xmas decorations all over the centre...


  1. I wish my walls were that colorful.....LOL If I EVER visit London, I'm so shopping there!

  2. Jj, Kiko je italský, já nad ním slintám už delší dobu, to je super, že je i u vás (asi ti je jasný, na co myslím :-) ). Moc se těším na recenzi, já o těch stínech četla jen samý superlativy...

  3. Sagittarian_brandy_1980: Definitely do but go to the Westfield London, not Stratford, it's bigger and better, there's Inglot shop as well ;)

    Rena: ja prave nevedela, myslela jsem,ze je to holandska znacka :) Ja doufam,ze se tam dostanu jeste po Vanocich (ale spis do Westfield London, tam je ten OPI shop a Inglot), tak mozna bych i mohla vzit neco navic ;) kdyztak mi posli mail. Stiny byly uzasny,ale ja se ted skoro vubec nemaluju a mam toho fakt dost, tak jsem vzala jen jeden na vyzkouseni...ale meli jich fakt hodne moc!

  4. Why cant we have anything like this in the States? Ugh I swear Im moving to Europe! Thats amazing!

  5. Kitty: oh, don't be silly:) You have so much more in US : Zoya, China Glaze (on sales as well!), Studio M, Wet n' Wild, Pumpkin polishes, Color Club, Deborah Lippmann, Kleancolor, Finger Paints, Julep, you want me to continue? :D European want what's in US and American want what's in Europe :D

  6. I didn't know KIKO was in the UK, let alone Westfield! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my--look at all those pretties! I would be in big trouble if we had a store like that here. :)

  8. wow! That shop looks like nail polish paradise :D

  9. I'm in love with Kiko and I'm proud because this is an Italian brand :)

    the first time I went in a Kiko was like Xmas!!

  10. I visited the Kiko store in Paris and absolutely loved how they have testers! I ended up buying 5 polishes but wish I'd bought more. They're much cheaper abroad!

  11. OMG. Swoon! Those polishes look amazing and so pretty!!xoxo

  12. Ms Bubu: Glad to share :)I didn't know either until I saw it...just standing there innocently, luring me inside :D

    KarenD: I'm pretty sure you have lots of exciting brand around you too ;)

    Miss L: it certainly felt like it! x

    Alice @ NailsbyAlice: yeah, it's great shop, I loved it too!

    Laura: I wonder where they are the cheapest - UK £4.50, Germany,Italy, Spain, France 3.90 euro...does anybody know how much in Netherlands? UK is certainly the most expensive now :(

    Beautiful Stranger: I wanted to buy all of them!!!

  13. it is an italian brand and there are many shops all around the globe ;)
    i really love their polishes! when i discovered the kiko shop in portugal this summer i immediately got tons of polishes XD
    they were having a summer promotion: each polish for 2,50 €; ofc i had to profit :p

    have fun with your new goodies :) can't wait to see your future kiko posts!

  14. I love all the Christmas decorations on the street. Love seeing where other bloggers go. That nail store looks like a dream huh?

  15. Oh my, I would like to see something like this with my own eyes!!! and I can only imagine how hard it would be to choose only a few bottles


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