Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Layering experiment: Facets of Fuchsia & Bad Romance with Revlon Star

Hi girls :)

In the previous post I've compared Revlon Facets of Fuchsia with Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance. Since they were almost identical I've used them as a base colour for another layering experiment. I've used one coat of Revlon Star (silver and blue hexagonal and square glitter in a clear base) and no top coat.

It came out quite nicely, I like the mix of purple, blue and silver glitter on a black base.


  1. To je nádhera, až oči přecházejí!:-)

  2. Oh gowd, I will faint when I can get my hands on those polishes!!! They are sooo pretty!!
    Loved your combo!


  3. wow! This is a great combo!
    Very pretty!

  4. THIS LOOKS DELICIOUS! The colors remind me of a dark version of OPI - Sparkle-icious, which I really really wish I had..

    I have facets of fuschia, but not star..:( so I guess I'll just have to stare at yoour photos instead

  5. That's pretty!! I love how colorful it is! :)

  6. Wow...
    Gorgeous, love, love,

  7. What a great idea! It looks fantastic!


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