Sunday, 15 January 2012

OPI Holland Collection Spring 2012 - OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where?

Hi girls,

today I have here the only one OPI from Holland Collection I own right now. But I must moan a little bit first :D One of my nails is still really short so I cannot do swatches :( it's taking ages to grow back (I broke it a week before Christmas) I swatched this OPI on my right hand and MY RIGHT HAND SUCKS! The pictures are not as half good as if I do swatches on my left hand :(  Enough moaning!

Red Lights Ahead...Where? - bright neon coral creme. The colour is something between red and orange neon colour, a bit coral I'd say. The formula is awesome! You could do with just one coat but I've applied two to cover few ridges in my nails. It dries fast and it applied like a dream! It was quite hard to photograph it as neon colours don't agree with most cameras :-/ I've done my best and I think the colour is I think 95% accurate, only little bit more bright neon.I might get few more Holland polishes like Vampsterdam :)

*This polish has been provided to me for a review. I've expressed my honest opinion.


  1. I've just been getting into red polish and this orangey red is exactly what I need lol. Great color and you can't tell the difference bt the hands!!

  2. that's a pretty orangey-red!
    and your right-hand pictures are geat!

  3. Love this colour, I think I love every colour in this collection though! It's such a pain when a nail breaks, it just takes forever to grow it back:(

  4. This is such a lovely color!

  5. looks like an awesome colour! and the pics doesn't suck ;P

  6. This color looks really pretty!

  7. First thing that came to my mind was - ketchup! :)Interesting colour, though.

  8. This is really pretty!! Your right hand looks great! Way better than mine would, lol

  9. Thank you girls, I was a bit reluctant to this colour at first because it was brigh red/orange neon, but not I really like it. especially after flawless application. You can't go wrong with OPI :)

    Thank you for lovely comments, I wish I haad time always reply ty all of you separately or have the 'Reply to this comment' feature.

    Love you all, thank you for reading xxx

  10. that's strange, I saw it in the store and it wasn't that bright in the bottle, I have to go back and get it now
    I only took dutch'ya just love OPI
    pedal faster suzi
    I have a herring problem

    but I love the one you 've presented

    thank you

  11. tytynette: well it's more neon in real life, camera doesn't translate it well. It really is bright, maybe the lighting in the store makes it different? x


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