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Color Club Spring 2012 Blossoming Collection - Review and swatches

Hello lovelies!

Finally Color Club Blossoming collection arrived and I could review it. Check out my friend Karen's review who reviewed these polishes first and then kindly shipped them to me.

The collection consists of six shades - five pastel cremes and one diamond flakes.

A bit about collection: "With the beautiful budding flowers of the season as an inspiration, rich color has bloomed! Add Diamond Drops topcoat for a "morning rain-kissed" effect. Blossoming features six nail polishes - from Hydrangea Kiss, Sweetpea and Blue-ming to Blushing Rose and Lavendarling. This new vegan, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP-free collection is sure to signal spring is in the air...or blossoming."

Blushing Rose - baby pink creme shade. It's a lovely traditional spring shade, one of my favourites from the whole collection and it has a good formula. I'm wearing two thicker coats but if you prefer thin coats, you'll probably need three.

Lavendarling - cool-toned dusty purple creme. It has very nice formula - needed just two coats for a full coverage. It applied easily and without bubbles or any other problems and drying time was average. I just love the name of this polish :) Lavendarling is soo cute!

Sweet Pea - dark pastel purple with pink undertones. Well it's hard to desribe the shade. Color Club says it's rosy pink creme but it's more purple than rosy pink. This one has even better pigmentation than the previous two shades. One coat was almost enough for full coverage but I needed two in the end. It applied very nicely.

Blue-ming - bright blue-green creme. Just WOW! Soo bright colour! I've never owned colour like this and now I kind of regret it. This looked so awesome on me! Polish had very good formula, pigmentation was enough using two coats and dried quite fast. Perfect!

Hydrangea Kiss - dusty blue creme with purple undertones. This is a lovely shiny creme colour. The formula is a bit sheerer than with the other polishes. This is two thick coats but next time I'll use three thinner ones. That would also speed up the drying process.

Diamond Drops - shredded silver ice flake polish. It's very colourful overcoat depending on the light and angle. I found it little bit difficult to manage because I needed to spread the particles on whole nail and sometimes they were big and stuck out from the nail creating very uneven surface.

Diamond Drops over Blushing Rose

Direct sunlight

Diamond Drops over Hydrangea Kiss

Other Color Club shredded diamond polishes/overcoats: Diamond Drops, Covered In Diamonds, Fame & Fortune

Overall the collection includes trendy pastel shades which we can see every spring among different brands. What is different is the shredded diamond overcoat Diamond Drops that can be layered over any of the other shades to create very interesting effect. The formula of the polishes was very good, it applied nicely and polishes were not watery. I needed two coats for full coverage with all polishes but the Hydrangea Kiss was less pigmented so next time I'd use three coats. Drying time with all polishes was average, not fast but not very slow drying. If you'd use fast drying topcoat it would definitely speed up the process.

My favourite colours are definitely Blushing Rose as it's classic baby pink creme, Sweet Pea just because I love all purple polishes and surprisingly Blue-ming! That was a big shock for me because I usually don't wear and don't like colours like this but I loved it on me! What do you think of the collection?

The Color Club Blossoming collection is available now.

*These were provided to me by the manufacturer or PR company for a review


  1. I adore these colours - wonder where I can get them online, perhaps they aren't out yet?!
    Really love them!!

    1. Hi, if you live in US, here you can find store near you:

      I don't know about any specific e-shops in Europe. The ones I googled don't have this collection in stock yet. Try to google it in your country e-shops

  2. Wow so lovely and cute colors! I love it. Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  3. Lavendarling and H.Kiss are gorgeous!!

  4. Where are they available from Lucy? x

    1. Hi Leanne, I had a look at some UK e-shops I know about and they don't have the collection in stock yet. i would suggest you to do some Google search, maybe you'll have more luck, maybe Ebay or Amazon? x

  5. I love your nails! Colors are beautiful :)

  6. Lavendarling and Blue-ming are beautiful! Great names too. :)

  7. Beautiful shades! I love how soft they are :)

  8. Thank you for these great swatches! I wasn't sure whether I needed some shades from this collection, but now I know that I do :)

  9. Great swatches and pictures. As usual. :)
    I'm wearing Blushing Rose at the moment and I had to apply 3-4 layers to get it opaque. And the color still looks a bit uneven. How odd, maybe I didn't shake the bottle well enough. Or maybe your layers were much thicker than mine.
    Anyway, this is one of my favourite collections from Color Club. I have Blushing Rose, Lavendarling and Hydrangea Kiss. I can't decide which is my favourite.

  10. I would love your advice on getting blushing rose so even ans smooth. I am using ridge filler base and no matter how thick or thin I apply it I can't get it to even is so streaky..its my favorite color out of the whole set. Thanks :)


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