Monday, 12 March 2012

Sparitual Water Collection: Undercurrent - review and swatches

Hi everybody :)

Here is the last shade from SpaRitual Water Collection which I really enjoyed on me. I like dark rich colours and Undercurrent ticks the boxes..even when it's blue :) In the next post I'll put all the shades together and show you the whole collection.

Undercurrent - dark blue creme. It's a really nice rich blue with good formula. It applied smoothly and wasn't watery or anything. I'm wearing one thick coat and no topcoat. Great pigmentation and fast drying, what else you could wish for? :)


  1. Oh Lucy, I love how this shade looks on you. What a beautiful blue!

  2. Its a nice shade, but definitely not my type. I wouldnt buy it, theres so many polishes so similar to this one... I think this shade is a bit boring...

  3. this is absolutely stunning! i love it.


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