Saturday, 17 March 2012

OPI Holland Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 - Review and swatches of Part 2: Shimmers

Hi everybody!

I'm back with the second part of OPI Holland collection, this time I'll show you 7 shimmers. If you've missed Part 1, read it here.

Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? - grape purple with subtle gold and pink shimmer. This is one of my favourite polishes from the whole collection, it's definitely a keep-me :) The formula is really great - it applied smoothly and pigmentation is very good. I've used two coats but one was almost enough.

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes -light brown with peach undertones with copper shimmer. It's a very pretty and elegant colour, another one I thought I won't like...but I do :) It applied smoothly and pigmentation is excellent. I'm wearing one thick coat and no topcoat.  It also dried quite fast.

I Don’t Give A Rotterdam - a dusty slate blue with silver glass fleck. There is a bit of gold fleck as well just a tiny bit. It's very cool-toned which might not suit everybody. The formula was less pigmented that with previous polishes. I'm wearing two thick coats but if you apply thin coats, you will need three.

Pedal Faster Suzi!- cool-toned light pink packed with silver glass flecks. The polish is really sparkly thanks to the flecks but because of them it dries a bit gritty. It applied nicely but this is another polish that is quite sheer. I have two thick coats and I'd still rather have three. No topcoat.
Just a quick note - when I was removing it I struggled a bit with lots of silver flecks stuck to my cuticles.

Vampsterdam - dark eggplant colour with fine silver shimmer. When I saw previews of this collection, this instantly became my favourite colour. I love vampy shades! BUT I don't love it :( The formula is a bit sheer, little watery and streaky. Not what I'm used to from OPI. I'm wearing two thicker coats, no topcoat.

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? - darkish brown with fine copper/gold shimmer. It applied very well and pigmentation is excellent. It was almost one coater but I'm wearing two coats for a perfect coverage. No topcoat

I Have A Herring Problem - dusty blue with silver and gold glass flecks. It's very similar colour to I Don’t Give A Rotterdam but it has a bit of green or teal in it and it has warmer undertones. I prefer this one to I Don’t Give A Rotterdam just because it's warmer. But if I'm honest I don't know what OPI was thinking when putting so similar shades into one collection. I Have A Herring Problem has the same sheerer formula as I Don't Give A Rotterdam and Pedal Faster Suzi!. I've applied two thicker coats which were enough but if you apply thin coats, you might need three.

The whole collection i a very good mix of cremes, pastels, shimmers and glass flecks which I really appreciate. The formulas are really good, especially with creme shades which are well pigmented and dry fast. Shimmer part is not that excellent as Vampsterdam is a bit watery and streaky and I Have A Herring Problem, I Don't Give A Rotterdam and Pedal Faster Suzi! have a bit sheerer formula. As always I love the names :) They are creative and topical, really memorable. So what do you think?


  1. i am loving wooden shoe like to know .. its so pretty .. thanks for these swatches

  2. I'm crazy about the first one and Vampsterdam *_*

  3. WOW they are all gorgeous but I'd have to say my favs are I Don’t Give A Rotterdam & Pedal Faster Suzi!..
    Great post & your nails are like perfect :O jealoussss hehe <3

  4. I almost have all the polishes in this collection (also thanks to pr consideration)and I love colors and textures so much, but I want to ask you: how long do they last on you? Maybe I do something wrong but nail polishes last on me only three days or four :(

  5. My fav is Rotterdam and well all of them but for Vampsterdam. It's just not getting to me for some reason and I did not pick it up (yet) still might hit me - like maybe in the fall.

  6. This has to be one of my favorite collections this year, specially the shimmers caught my eye

  7. Wow what an awesome collection. I've fallen for Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI and Pedal Faster Suzi. Must... have...


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