Monday, 2 April 2012

Nubar Black Polka Dot over OPI Thanks a Windmillion

Hello ladies :)

I'm really enjoying playing with the Nubar Polka Dot glitters, they just look really awesome! Yesterday I showed you White Polka Dot and today I'm going for the Black Polka Dot.

They apply nicely but I again had to pay attention to application and placing the big glitters. Sometimes I had to pick up the black glitters and put the on nail to fill in the gaps. I'm not wearing any topcoat.



  1. Lucy--looks awesomeeee and I can't wait to try this look :-)))))

  2. Look fantastic! I have to get that OPI.

  3. This looks so cool! Can't wait to try this out :)

  4. absolutely stunning combo xxx

  5. i love it :O

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  6. It's very pretty! I have another question-- how do you manage to get your base polish such an equal distance from the cuticle on every single nail? It looks so neat!

    1. Thank you :) I did a tutorial on how I paint my nails. It's here:

      Hope it helps x

    2. Thank you so much, Lucy! That tutorial was very clear and concise. I think it will help me do a much better manicure, thanks to you! I just polished my nails this afternoon, else I'd try this technique right away! I'll repost after I've tried it. The video was especially well-done, and with really cool music. Now, if only my nails were as beautiful and healthy as Avy


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