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OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection - Review and swatches

Hello lovelies!

Look what I've got! The whole OPI Spider-Man collection! You've probably seen it before because I'm quite late with my review. I've got the polishes a bit later so I could review them earlier, sorry :-/

The collection is inspired by The Amazing Spider-man film and consists of 6 colours and one Shatter:

My Boyfriend Scales Wall - grey-ish white creme. This is not a classic bright white; it's somehow muted, with added grey in it. I really like it and it became my favourite white polish. it is not as much for the grey-ish colour as for its formula. It's flawless! It applied great and two coats were enough for a full coverage. I hope this would be a one-coater but unfortunately it is not.

Your Web Or Mine? - medium pink with pearl finish. Ehm...I'm not sure how this colour fits into the Spider-man colour palette. The pearl finish is very strong which makes the polish streaky and it was a bit of a fight to apply it nicely. Two coats were enough for full coverage.

Call Me Gwen-ever - muted orange creme with coral undertones. For me this is great summer orange is not too bright or too boring, mainly because of the coral undertones. It has a great formula and pigmentation - I've needed two coats for full coverage and the polish dried very fast.

Number One Nemesis - metallic grey-ish green with gold particles. I seriously don't know what happened here, the pictures didn't come up well at all! Unfortunately I broke my nail so I couldn't take new pics :-/ Back to the polish is hard to describe colour - it is like golden olive green mixed with graphite silver with added gold particles. It is also dupe for Chanel Graphite. It applied nicely and I've used two thicker coats. In the real life the colour looks so much better and more sparkly and you'll love it ;o)

Just Spotted The Lizard - yellow-ish green/olive green duochrome. I fell in love with this type of colour however this shade, I presume, is an answer to Chanel Peridot mania. It is not unique as it is almost exact dupe of Peridot but it certainly is a beauty. It is well pigmented, I'm wearing two thicker coats. Polish dried very fast and is a bit streaky. 

Into The Night - dark blue shimmer. Lovely shade, very well suited for Spider-man collection :) I liked the final result, the deep blue but to get me there I had to apply three coats. I'm a two-coater girl so three coats for me is a no no. I am a bit disappointed that the polish doesn't have better pigmentation because OPI is my fav brand and they do so well with pigmented polishes (if you know what I mean!). Despite that it applied nicely but the finish is a bit streaky.

Shatter The Scales - dark forest green Shatter with silver particles. Oh wow, I love the silver particles in the Shatter! It's not flat like the other creme shatters. However I'm not sure if we need more crackling polishes, this trend is way last year! Shatter applied well and dried fast and I'm wearing topcoat over it. 

Shatter The Scales over My Boyfriend Scales Wall

Shatter The Scales over Just Spotted The Lizard

Overall I like the film-themed collection but where is red??? Spider-man without red is like Britain without Queen! I wouldn’t mind repeat of a red shade, wouldn’t have to be completely new shade, but I expected red :(

Most of the polishes had great formula and pigmentation and I also quite like the two dupes for Chanel polishes. It makes a great cheaper option.

*These were provided for a review


  1. I think I'll buy My BF scales wall because I don't have nice white creme and I like that it's a dusty-grayish white!
    the shatter looks pretty!

  2. I'm little bit confused about this collection. Half of the colour worth attention (from my point of view: the orange one, the black-glitter one and the blue one), the rest is... don't know - it just doesn't fit in the Spider Man theme, I think. Why pink? Why green-gold duochrome? Why white? And the same question for orange, maybe. I haven't seen anything from the new Spider Man movie so I have no idea about the colours featured in it but this simply doesn't appeal to me much. I like much more the collection by China Glaze inspired with Hunger Games movie. This one was fine. And I completely agree with you about the red colour! ;-)

    1. The white represents Gwen Stacy's lab coat, as well as all the other lab coats worn at the lab in which Peter Parker receives the powers that make him Spiderman.

      The green-gold duochrome is there because to represent the Lizard Man who is Spiderman's first nemesis.

      As for the pink ...
      I have no clue why it's there either.

  3. I am surprised too by the lack of red. None of the colours really stand out to me but as usual with collections I just love the names! :D

  4. Tak pro mě je tahle kolekce zklamání na celé čáře, ten babičkovský nebudu ani komentovat, kopie Chanelu mě taky neoslovily. Bylo by to moc chtít alespoň jeden originální lak v kolekci? A shatter se nepočítá, to nepovažuji za lak.
    Nicméně, abych to nezamluvila, krásný post.

  5. It's a good collection! Love the darks!
    BUT it would be a REALLY good collection with a red instead of the pink one!
    And You're right, shatter is Last Year, however I think Green Shatter over The Lizard is the coolest combo ever! Before this I have only really enjoyed matte black shatter on a shiney black base!

  6. I'm not a big fan of this collection be honest, but I adore My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It is such a gorgeous soft colour, and I love off-whites :)

    Frances xx

  7. Lovely lovely pictures! I do like the Chanel dupes, although part of me is tutting because it's not really fair. I'm not keen on shatter polishes but I do think in this case it's cool because it's so lizardy... but seriously. No red? What? Why not get rid of that silly pink and put a red in? I don't understand. x

  8. Your Web Or Mine? and Into the night are my favourite

  9. I really love Number One Nemesis and My Boyfriend Scales Wall.

  10. Oooh I really like some of these... Amazing swatches too!

  11. I didn't like this collection at all but now I really want my boyfriend scales walls :P

  12. I like the colors but they are confusing as how they fit in with Spiderman.. I think the pink and orange are a references to the girlfriend. I wonder if the colors will make more sense after we see the movie. The China Glaze Hunger Games collection made a lot of sense once I saw it on the big screen.

  13. Number One Nemesis is my favorite!! I'm just not wowed by this collection. And I totally agree with you. There should have definitely been a red!

  14. Awesome review! Thank you!
    I really love the Number One Nemesis and My Boyfriend Scales Wall

  15. Tienes unas uñas perfectas!!

    Un beso, Maquillando sueños


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