Thursday, 10 May 2012

SpaRitual Pigment collection for Summer 2012 - Review of Mini Kit

Hello lovelies!

Last week I've reviewed two polishes from SpaRitual Gold collection (Conduit and Rusted Lux) for Summer 2012 and today I'll show you selection of shades from the second Summer collection, Pigment. The whole collection consists of six shades and I will show you four.

I've got Pigment mini kit, four shades which come with lovely straw paper cosmetic bag and here are the swatches:

Camellia - medium pink creme shade. It is still quite light pastel pink but not baby/powder pink. The formula wasn't as good as I'm used to with SpaRitual. Two coats would have been enough for full coverage but I had to apply third coat because the polish was quite patchy. I really don't know if it was because I have mini polishes with smaller brush or if this would have happened with full sized polish. On the other hand polish dried fast.

Indigo - bright sky blue creme. This shade is very similar to Ebb & Flow from the Water collection introduced for Spring 2012. It's a really beautiful bright blue with a good formula. It applied nicely and I needed just two coats for a full coverage.

Clay - burnt orange creme shade. I think I'd rather see colour like this in the Autumn collection to be honest. It's quite dark burnt orange shade leaning to brown. The first applied layer dried really fast which caused patches and I've had to use thick second coat to cover them up. The overall pigmentation of the polish is very good, two coats are enough for the full coverage.

Heliotrope - grape purple creme. This is a very lovely cool-toned grape purple shade I really enjoyed wearing. It applied well and the pigmentation was ok too. I'm wearing two thick coats but three thinner coats would do the same job. Polish dried reasonably fast and removal was without problems too.

Overall, I think this collection is quite inconsistent formula-wise as far as I can tell from these four polishes. Two of the applied nicely and without problems and two were patchy and problematic. However all of them are pigmented well. They all removed very well too.

I like the straw paper cosmetic bag that comes with the mini set, it is a good quality and it is a nice added value. Pigment collection has been introduced at the end of April and is available now for £8.50 per bottle. The mini set retails for £15.95. Read the whole press release here.

*These products were provided for a review


  1. Very nice! SR usually has wonderous formula so I also wonder if its because of the mini bottles that your having issues? The colours look nice. I ended up getting Poppy and Indiglo, and I MAY go back to get Clay. I completely agree with you about the autum look to it.

  2. Stunning swatches! Clay looks amazing!

  3. i don't care for clay too much, but the rest of the collection looks great, lovely colors :-D
    you're right, clay is just not summery color ;-)

  4. That third really looks odd in this collection, but on it's own it is gorgeous!

  5. Nice cremes, I could wear all of them. And the bag - oh, I need it! Where this set can be bought? Recently I was sad of not receiving beautiful cosmetic bag by Guerlain as I need some and this one was truly amazing but only for purchase of any Guerlain's product (and I didn't buy any cos I was short of money, haha :D). But this one can be a pretty good substitution ;-)

    1. I know they can be purchased at but Czech Rep. has distributors too! Here is a list of salons that sell Sparitual in CZ


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