Thursday, 7 March 2013

Look what I've got here! Nailgirls Pink #16 - Review and swatches

Hello lovelies,

I'd like to show you another new to me British brand called Nailgirls. They offer a wide range of shades, mostly gorgeous creme shades. I will show you elegant muted pink.

About Nailgirls: "Nailgirls London was created by two sisters, Jo and Lynda-Louise Burrell, as a reaction to the nasty, toxic, nail wrecking polishes and spas currently saturating the beauty market."

Pink #16 muted medium pink creme. The polish has absolutely excellent formula! It is almost one-coater but as per usual I have applied two coats. It applied very easily and almost flawlessly. The drying time is average to fast, kind of in between :) Oh and it smells quite funky. I can't really put my finger on it but it smells unusual. No topcoat in the pictures.

The brush is thin and long; I found it easy to work with but I needed more strokes than with thicker brushes. The cap is silver and looks like metal finish. The bottle is like the American Apparel bottles. I like that they are easy to store and don't take much space but on the other hand the bottle is easy to tip over. Each bottle holds 15ml, retails for £10.50 and is free from all the 'nasties'.

Judging from this one nail polish I can only recommend this brand. The quality of the polish is excellent and I truly hope that the rest of the range has the same great formula. You can buy them at the Nailgirls website.

*This product has been provided for a review


  1. Wow, it's amazingly shiny!

  2. Oh, wonderful color!! Love it.

  3. omg I love this shade, it's so feminine and mature, so chic! :)

  4. Hello,
    I follow your blog for a moment but I never added a comment,because I don't speak very well English (I am French) :p. I love your blog, your swatches, nail art and photos !

    This nail polish is beautiful, I love this type of color, like "old pink", and it has a very nice brilliance.

    See you soon !

    1. Oooops sorry for the link I letf in my comment, it's an habitude ^^.

  5. Thank you so much ladies for the comments and for stopping by! <3


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