Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Deadly Sins Challenge: LUST - Day 1 - Something I wanted to do soo badly :)

Hello lovelies,

After a very long time I started to participate in a challenge together with some other lovely bloggers. The challenge is called Deadly Sins Challenge and was put together by Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All and Nail Wish. I will do my best to do all the challenges (two per week) but it might happen that I'll do just one in given week. Here's the whole challenge:

Illustration by Dahlig (her DeviantArt is http://dahlig.deviantart.com/)

So what did I want to do so badly for some time? I wanted to try drawing on nails using Sharpie pen. Well it was a fail :D I think I've chosen the wrong type of Sharpie pen so it didn't give opaque colour. I actually think I can produce better results with a brush and acrylic paint! Never mind, at least I've tried :)

I've used Tip Top Oh La La as a base colour (reviewed here).

Lucy's Stash - Sharpie drawing on Tip Top Oh La La
Lucy's Stash - Sharpie drawing on Tip Top Oh La La
Lucy's Stash - Sharpie drawing on Tip Top Oh La La

Have any of you tried a different Sharpie or any other pen? Which one do you recommend? I have normal gel pens too but the ink pools and slips on the nail polish :-/


  1. Me likey! I've been testing regular art pens on my nails lately & only the gold/silver Sharpies are opaque. Alas, Sharpies can bleed, fade & change color when top coat is added. Sanford's Uniball Gel Impact gold & silver pens work great on nails & hold up to top coat as well. I want to try their black & white pens too.

    You're so awesome, Lucy! <3

  2. This is so cool!! I have to try it too.


  3. Wow! So cool!! I did this once with a non-sharpie brand pen and went great! So I reccomend you try other brands, like the ones that are for writting on CD's

  4. I've used this sort of Sharpie for freehanding in the missing bits around the edges of stamped designs (my nails are too long for the plates) and they work just fine. Maybe you need to draw more slowly to leave more ink on the nail?

  5. Not a fail! It's got it's own look that's cool. I actually really love this challenge! Some of those descriptions made me laugh and they don't seem to onerous. What does it take to participate?

    1. I've just sent you an invite via email :)

  6. I think these are great! I've never tried drawing on my nails with Sharpies but I might have to give it a try. I think your lines are very neat and I love the subtle shimmer of your base polish :)


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