Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Essie Wrapped in Rubbies topped with Nfu Oh #60

Hey guys :) I'm back from a big Czech music festival where I have spent 5 days listening amazing bands like Prodigy, Muse, Subways, NOFX, Billy Talent and many czech interprets. Anyway, I'm back and I have a new post for you. Let me introduce you Essie Wrapped in Rubbies from Winter 2007. Kinda old polish, I'm sure you know it but it's beautiful. It is a reddish-brown with a hint of gold shimmer. Application was very smooth and polish has a good colour coverage-I have two coats. At the end I tried what Nfu Oh #60 will do with the colour :)

Cau lidi :) Jsem zpet z Rock for People, kde jsem stravila 5 dni poslouchanim skvelych kapel jako Prodigy, muse, Subways, NOFX, Billy Talent a spoustou ceskych kapel. Uz jsem zase online,takze mam pro vas novy prispevek. Dovolte, abych vam predstavila Essie Wrapped in Rubbies ze zimni kolekce 2007. Je to uz starsi odstin, jsem si jista, ze jste ho uz vsechny videly,ale je proste krasny :) Je to cerveno-hneda barvicka stroskou zlateho trpytu. Lakovalo se s nim krasne a dobre kryl-mam dve vrstvy. Nakonec jsem zkusila, jak na nem bude vypadat Nfu Oh #60.


  1. I really like this color ;-)

  2. It's gorgeous! I wish I could find this one...

  3. Really nice. :)In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

  4. Tato barva se mi vždycky moc líbila, ale nikdy jsem se nerozhoupala k nákupu :(

  5. This is really pretty! I never think to put flakies over a shimmer.

  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments :)


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