Wednesday, 13 October 2010

OPI Show It & Glow It! from Burlesque Collection

My last nail polish from Burlesque Collection is Show It & Glow It! It is mostly purple glitter with little bit of gold, silver, green and orange glitter in a clear base. It applied nicely and it didn't make 'lumps'. I have two coats in the pictures so you can see the coverage. Glitters are quite dense but still easy too apply. Removing was pain such as with all the glitters so use the foil method :)

Price: 3/5
Formula: 4/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 4/5

To summarize my experience with the collection, I'll begin with the shimmers. They have great formula and  very good pigmentation, I absolutely love the shades I've got! I think OPI is spot on with this collection and I will definitely purchase some more shades! Glitters are awesome as well! Nice to apply and great variety of colours. If you don't mind the harder removal, you'll love them!

For UK readers: I just found out that Lena White is the official distributor OPI in UK. Did you know that?  Where do you buy OPI in UK?

*Product was send to me by PR company for a review. Information expressed are my honest opinions.


  1. Nice :-) I bought purple Models Own Disco Mix, but I don't have it yet, this one is also very nice.

    Do you like swatches of holiday glitter from China Glaze?

    I see, that you have my Golden Rose Paris Magic 302 on the wishlist :-)

  2. sabbatha: Well disco mix is totally different! It is only flat sam sized glitter, this OPI is very different, I'm sure you'll see that when you'll receive the polish.

    I like the china glaze collection as well but I plan to get one or two polishes, nothing else cought my attention.what about you?

    Yeah, my friend is already getting this Golden Rose for me :) I got inspired :)

  3. I think that burleaque glitters are amazing, I know that disco will be different but I think I will like it :-)

    I have Nubar Night Sparkle and I definetely need to swatch it :D

    do you know that Essence Colour&Go Choose Me is a perfect dupe for Charla? I had Charla on my wishlist but I removed it after buying Essence :-)

  4. Oh really? I will have to get it because I wanted Charla as well! Thanks for tip!

  5. If you have access to Essence try Essence first (it has only 5 ml but it is cheaper) :-) Parokeets have comparison of Choose Me and Charla

  6. This one is stunning! :) I fall in love with glitters when I tried Mad as a hatter, and because I adore pink I must have this one! <3

  7. Well in this polish they added a lot of glitters ... beautiful on your pic!

  8. this is beautiful and sure is on my wishlist :)


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