Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nail art mani with Jessica

This is just some random quick mani I made :) I've used Jessica Allure as a base, Jessica Dynamic for the pinkish stripes and China glaze Millennium for the silver stamping.


  1. Very elegant and I love the color combo :)

  2. Jednoduché a přitom velmi nápadité. Moc se Ti to povedlo! :)

  3. ThRiSzHa: Thank you :)

    April: ;)

    rmcandlelight: Thanks, sometimes I just pick random colours :D

    Crazy For Polishes by cc: Thank you! :)

    An: Dekuju...bylo to trosku narychlo, tak to neni perfektni,ale dalo se to :D

  4. Super, mě se to moc líbí, nejvíc asi malíček :-) Jsi tak šikovná!

  5. Blanche: Jejda dekuju, Blani :) btw moc rada ctu tvoje denni reporty z Danska ale promin,ze nekomentuju :-(

  6. Wow,this really looks great,I love it :-)

  7. Luci, však já jsem s těma komentářema u tebe taky dost na štýru :-)


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