Sunday, 14 November 2010

I got for you Jessica Juicy Melon :)

Little bit a spring colour but never mind :) I need something to cheer me up in this rainy grey weather...

Jessica Juicy Melon - bright coral shade, a little bit on the jelly side. It is not very visible but it has tiny silver shimmer in it, almost impossible to notice :) It applied very nicely but drying time was kind of average. I have two coats in the pictures but it might need three. Again, removal was without problems so overally this is a really nice nail polish to work with.

Price: 3/5
Formula: 4/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 4/5


  1. I love it, the color is gorgeous!
    I want one now!

  2. spring colors are well accepted during rainy days to cheer us up :D

  3. wonderful colour!!!! i loved it!!

  4. hi Lucy,
    yay i love the color. Nice!

  5. This is so pretty, love the jellyish look to it.

  6. Krásně roztomilá a jarní barvička :-)

  7. Beautiful colour, and rightly so, anything to cheer you up. The weather here in UK is awful too.

  8. MSodapop: Yeah, it's really gorgeous! Thanks for reading!

    Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Haha, sometimes I really need to cheer up in this ugly weather :)

    mita: Thanks :)

    gingerSnap: Hi, thanks, the 'jellyness' is really nice to it!

    Freshie: Thanks!

    Markett: Jj, urcite ji jeste na jare vyvencim :)

    pkbmum: Yeah, I hate UK weather, I'd rather live somewhere where it's hot all year round!


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