Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My Xmas trend? Definitely gradient manicures!

I don't know what's happening to me but lately I fell in love with gradient manicures! I love to play with different colours and finishes and Xmas seems to be perfect time for that!

For this manicure I've used Jessica Merlot as a base. Then I've used Ornaments Red glitter polish for gradient effect. Nails had this great jelly-like finish which looked amazing!

So what do you think about gradient effect? Do you like it? I love it!


  1. Velice zajímavé :-) Líbí se mi to..

  2. This is a wonderful effect, congratulations, and thank you for your inspiration! :)

  3. very nice, I really like it :)

  4. I thnik it looks nice! I should try these on day!

  5. the colours..
    i'm running out of idea on how to paint my nails for Xmas, i might just do gradient then!!=)

  6. Never seen that before, but it looks very pretty!

  7. Oooo I love how subtle this one is :) Lovely mani.

    How you doing? Hope you had a lovey xmas. x

  8. I love gradient and my favorite color is red so this one looks amazing and just perfect for me :)


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