Thursday, 20 January 2011

CND Jason Wu Collection for Spring/Summer 2011 - swatches and review

I've told you recently about new CND collection for spring/summer 2001 called Jason Wu. Today I've got the whole collection swatched and reviewed for you :)

Collection consists of five nail polishes - four Colours and one Effect. I'll start with the effect because you probably never seen something like this!

I haven't used base coat or top coat for these swatches.

Anna Effect - an absolutely unique effect - "a tweed finish via microscopic fibrous pieces when layered over any of the four colours creating a cool, subtle texture" well I must agree. You must see pictures because it is sooo hard to imagine it from words :) But don't forget that you cannot use topcoat on Anna Effect because it would ruin the special tweed effect.

Brigitte - dark warm pink creme colour. This is really elegant shade, I like it a lot. Formula was like a dreams - one coat was enough for a full coverage and applying was easy and smooth. Removing was without problems too.

Brigitte with Anna Effect

Miss Wu - "Jason Wu's signature limestone, warm gray that dries matte with a subtle chrome sheen". This is pretty special colour as well. In the bottle it reminded  me Illamasqua's Raindrops nail polish but as it dries matte the colour changes. It is again one coater, if you are using very thin layers then two, which is brilliant and it dried fast. Application was smooth and removal ok. If you like grey colours, you'll love this one!
Miss Wu with Anna Effect

Veronica - "a blue-based, oxblood red". This one is my favourite of the whole collection - glamorous dark red creme with a little bit of jelly-like finish. I've used two coats for a full coverage.

Veronica with Anna Effect

Sophia - a mushroom taupe creme colour. This is another very elegant and office friendly shade. Formula is really nice and the colour coverage is really good. I needed only one coat.  Removal was very easy and without problems.

Sophia with Anna Effect

*Products were send to me by PR company for a review.

I think this collection is really elegant and I like the colour palette. But the most important is the Anna Effect which makes the whole collection very unique. Formula of the polishes is absolutely great as most of the polishes need only one coat and dry quite fast.

Jason Wu is Spring/Summer 2011 and according to my information it won't be available till May 2011.

Recommended retail price for the whole collection in UK is going to be £49.95 and will be available at
Unfortunately I have no information about US market.


  1. Hmm, I'm not massive fan of the colours or the effect :-(

  2. I am probably the only person who is going to say this but the Effect just looks like it is an old, old polish that has gone 'bad' in the bottle. Like a lumpy, messy mistake.

    As I say, I will surely be the only person to hold such a view but I think it's awful.

  3. I was so excited about the topcoat but it kinda looks like you touched the polish when it was wet. hmm

  4. Oooh, I'm sorry to hear that guys, I like that collection very much..

  5. Kolekce se mi líbí a moc, jen ten efekt vypaá, jako když jsem omylem ťukla do laku a třeba v reálu bude úžsný na fotkách mě příliš noslovil. Co mě oslovilo byly tvoje fotky, fakt parádní.

  6. Nice colors! And wow the shape of your nails is amazing!


  7. Day: tak aspon,ze si vyberes z lacku...ten effekt je strasne zvlastni, treba na tom tmave cervenem laku se mi libil moc.

    Tessa: Oooh, thanks *blushing* :)

  8. Hmmm when I saw the previews I was very excited to see the effect-polish. Now that I see it I think it makes a perfectly good polish look like you've painted your nails right before going to bed and have sheetmarks all over.

  9. You know, I love the shades, but I really dislike the tweed effect. I feel like I could just cut up a cotton ball's fibers and shove them into a bottle of clear and so yeah,,, I try NOT to get cotton in my polish. Don't get me wrong, it was a cool idea, but I don't think it came out quite right. I'm loving Veronica though, wowza!

  10. The Effect is 'supposed' to give the 'sheet' look - that's the effect. You either love or hate it. It is very fashion forward and the runways ate it up. I think Sophia is outstanding but I am a fan of all colours without the effect.

  11. You have an amazing blog! I really love your work. I award you the Stylish Blogger Award, but I guess you already have plenty of them. ;D
    Anyway, just wanted to say you are amazing even though I rarely comment.

  12. I love cnd effects my favorite is sapphire sparkle. Not impressed with this one. Love the rest of the collection though and you wear them well :)

  13. I love Veronica and Sophia... very much!


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