Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review and swatches of the OPI Texas collection polishes!

Hi everybody, I've got some new swatches for you today :) I've got three nail polishes from the new OPI Texas Collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Here is the info about the collection I've posted before so have a look.

The first one is  Do You Think I'm Tex-y? - berry-pink jelly shade. Now the colour is just beautiful but the formula is a bit watery and runny. I had to use three coats for the coverage in the pictures. It is a jelly polish so it is not supposed to be fully opaque. Removal was absolutely without problem.

Don't Mess With OPI - "A lean, mean, kick-grass forest green". Yeas, it is just like that - mean forest green :) This polish has an opaque formula, I've used one coat however it was very runny and I ended up with lot of colour around my nails. And it stained my nails and skin a little. Buuu :( 
Its finish is not a complete creme, it is a little bit jelly-ish too, I like it. Removal was ok and it dried quite quickly.

Houston We Have A Purple -reddish purple jelly. Nice shade which applied very easily but it is a jelly again so I needed three coats for a sufficient coverage.
 *Products were send to me by PR company for a review.

I haven't had a chance to try every polish from this collection yet. But from the three shades I've tried I can say that if OPI wanted to do a nice jelly collection, well done! And you know how many of us just loves jellies, huh? However I must point out that formulas were a bit runny and you'll need more than two coats for a very nice colour. Otherwise I'm happy with the shades the created and the jelly finish.


  1. Ovšem ta zelená vypadá moc hezky. Že by veselejší náhrada Jade is the new black?

  2. Blani, taky me napadlo, ze jsou si dost podobne,ale srovnani bohuzel nemam :(

  3. i love these new shades especially the purple red. so pretty!

    btw, i have a new contest/giveaway on my blog if you haven't joined.

  4. Very cute blog -- I am a new follower! These swatches are gorgeous -- so glossy!

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway :)


  5. Fruity Lashes: Yeah, that one is a beauty :) Thank you for your link, I secretly wished for UD Naked for Xmas but didn't get it :(

    Kelly: Thank you, I will check out your blog and join the giveaway :)

  6. don't mess with opi is my favorite :-)

  7. great swatches! fell in love with do you think i'm tex-y. Are there dupes for don't mess with opi? love to see a comp.

  8. Great swatches!
    You have got Stylish Blogger Award here :) )


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